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Performance, Implementation & Support

Performance and Reliability

Longest continual running EHR since 1983
CliniComp takes the cost of downtime seriously and is proud of its unrivaled track record reflecting performance and reliability in complex, high acuity hospital environments for decades. With virtually zero downtime including maintenance, upgrades, or natural disasters, CliniComp’s performance and reliability is proven through 35+ years of uninterrupted patient data due to its advanced system architecture worldwide.

Virtually Zero Downtime Since 1983

Turnkey Implementation & Support

Months, not years, for implementation
At CliniComp, Intl. our model is very simple. We are fully responsible for all aspects of your CliniComp system from configuration, testing, installation, training and service.  CliniComp|EHR deploys rapidly, generating immediate improvements in clinical processes. Our multidisciplinary installations, configurations, and training can be as swift as they are thorough. If you’re ready, so are we.

CliniComp supports customers 24/7 in 7 countries across 3 continents.  Our 360 degrees of support includes the central server hardware, device data acquisition hardware, operating system, applications software, system configuration, database software, and system tools to insure guaranteed system capability and uninterrupted performance.  The performance of your entire CliniComp system is monitored and supported by those that built it and know it best – your CliniComp partner!

Thirty Years EHR Experience and Innovation