Medical Device Integration

Acquired data for all categories of devices including waveforms
Included with the CliniComp|EHR is medical device integration and data acquisition. There is no need to purchase a third party system.

In the 1980s CliniComp became a pioneer in designing and manufacturing specialty hardware and software to address data acquisition requirements. Since then, CliniComp has continuously refined the design of data acquisition functionalities over the intervening years to support the receipt of available parameters, waveforms, and other data available from innumerable categories of bedside devices and hospital equipment.

UDAS Interface
UDAS Interface

Parameter and waveform data is automatically captured in a continuous stream from manufacturer-supported medical devices at the maximum rates available, and is then displayed in the CliniComp|EHR in the appropriate clinical context.

The CliniComp|EHR, with the ability to automatically capture and document medical device data, gives clinicians the power to view streamed data for trends in patient health in relation to their treatment in real time and improves quality and efficiency of healthcare workflows.

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