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The CliniComp Database is comprised of millions of patient records. It is built on a single coherent distributable database for all clinical applications including physician and nursing clinical documentation, Clinical Decision Support, Computerized Provider Order Entry, Reporting and Analytics, and ADT/registration. This database is adaptable to constant change without breaking anything in the system.  The database offers:

  • MULTIPLEXING: data is synced on a transaction-by-transaction basis with redundant local or remote servers.
  • SCALING: accumulation of data has no effect on performance. The CliniComp database currently holds millions of patient records accumulated over 36+ years of continual operation.
  • QUERYING: data can be queried using CliniComp query tools.
  • NORMALIZING: the database has Clinical Concept Objects (CCO) with the capability of adaptive normalization of data so data can be used across disparate vendor systems and sites allowing for a complete, longitudinal patient record from anywhere.

This database technology allows massive worldwide populations to be created, accessed, and analyzed with great speed and reliability.

Free the Data
Virtually Zero Downtime Since 1983

Performance and Reliability

Longest continual running EHR since 1983
CliniComp takes the cost of downtime seriously and is proud of its unrivaled track record reflecting performance and reliability in complex, high acuity hospital environments for decades. With virtually zero downtime including maintenance, upgrades, or natural disasters, CliniComp’s performance and reliability is proven through 36+ years of uninterrupted patient data due to its advanced system architecture worldwide.

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