Advanced Technology

Technology ahead of its time

CliniComp|EHR provides all the functionality you would expect from an Electronic Health Record (EHR) to deliver care, but what makes us different? As Healthcare IT moves away from fee for service to pay for results model, our state-of-the-art patented technology that can free the clinical data is what sets us apart in giving providers and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) a much smarter and easier way to coordinate care regardless of where a patient receives care.


Soar to new heights!
The CliniComp|EHR represents a total system redesign for the post PC architecture era in which, applications run device independently on ubiquitous tablets, smart phones, laptops, PCs, etc. The CliniComp|EHR is the only all HTML5 based complete inpatient and outpatient EHR and departmental system on the market today. The applications are stateless and full duplex (two-way independent communication). Stateless requests are self-contained requiring no additional information to process. This enables, for example, a client to switch servers on a keystroke by keystroke basis useful in load balancing or failover. Redundant scalable servers are built on proven rock solid, time tested, highly secured core technology which has literally provided decades of absolute non-stop operation.

Information Across All Devices

The CliniComp|EHR platform Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) consists of a set of modular services connected via services. This architecture allows for “plug and play” modules as new or improved functionalities are available. Legacy services can be retained and integrated using the CliniComp SOA services adaptor (SOA-SA). A user may choose a complete set of CliniComp|EHR services or a subset.

Sample Services:

  • Universal Person Identification Services (UPIDS)
  • Clinical Concept Objects (CCOs)
  • Source Agnostic Data Broker (SADB)
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Real-time Reporting (RTR)
  • Real-time Clinical Decision Support (CDS)
  • Pharmacy
  • Clinical Lab
  • Radiology
  • RCM

Performance and Reliability

Longest continual running EHR since 1983
CliniComp takes the cost of downtime seriously and is proud of its unrivaled track record reflecting performance and reliability in complex, high acuity hospital environments for decades. With virtually zero downtime including maintenance, upgrades, or natural disasters, CliniComp’s performance and reliability is proven through 35+ years of uninterrupted patient data due to its advanced system architecture worldwide.

Virtually Zero Downtime Since 1983

Integrated Solutions