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Physician's Office

With CliniComp|EHR Physician solutions, clinicians automate their more repetitive tasks and complete them more quickly and effectively with our fully integrated clinical documentation and intelligent data access with ancillaries.

We have specialized and developed modules for Obstetric Clinics & inpatient/outpatient Dialysis Clinics. CliniComp|EHR includes data acquisition of available parameters, waveforms, and other data available from hundreds of medical devices including Dialysis machines, fetal monitors, ventilators, physiological monitors and other bedside equipment.

Automating all clinic visits, CliniComp|EHR references all previous outpatient and inpatient visits to provide a complete view of a patient’s medical life story for better clinical assessment and action in coordination of care. Through viewing an integrated patient’s history of encounters, providers can easily manage patient’s status, schedule upcoming visits and minimize unnecessary visits.

Physician's Office

Functionality includes:

  • Identify and maintain a patient record
  • Manage patient demographic, problem lists, medication lists, patient history, clinical documents and notes
  • Capture external clinical documents
  • Present care plans, guidelines, and protocols
  • Manage guidelines, protocols and patient-specific care plans
  • Generate and record patient-specific instructions
  • Place patient care orders
  • Order diagnostic tests
  • Manage order sets
  • Support for drug interaction checking
  • Patient specific dosing and warnings
  • Clinical task assignment and routing, linking, tracking and task timeliness tracking
  • Inter-provider, Pharmacy, and Provider to patient or family communication
  • Patient, family and care giver education
  • Secure Data Exchange
  • Enforcement of Confidentiality
  • Data Retention, Availability and Destruction
  • Workflow Management
  • Report generation
  • Health record output
  • Specialized views
  • Rules-driven clinical coding assistance