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Perioperative Care

Perioperative Care

The CliniComp|EHR is ideal for the management of complex, critical care and anesthesia programs. CliniComp offers a Perioperative Workflow Solution designed to collect, manage, integrate, display, and store essential clinical patient care information in critical care and operative care areas. The Perioperative Workflow Solution includes:

  • a Surgery Scheduling System with
    • drag-and-drop rescheduling capabilities
    • views to assessing if an OR room or surgery schedule block is at capacity
  • an Operating Room Workflow Solution that
    • displays patient progress through the perioperative process
    • provides patient progress screens in site-specific configurations such as for the OR desk, the family waiting room, or the Surgery suite
    • includes an analytics engine for review, analysis, and reporting of pre-operative, surgical, and post-operative data and events (e.g. start/stop times, anesthesia times, OR turnaround times, OR utilization, OR out of block utilization, and surgeon/anesthesiologist arrival times)
    • is configurable for surgery-specific workflows
    • can collect data required for reporting to regulatory agencies such as the Surgical Complication Improvement Project and the VA's National Surgical Quality Improvement Project.
  • an Anesthesia Record Keeping (ARK) System that
    • is capable of interfacing with manufacturer-supported devices including anesthesia delivery machines
    • imports physiologic data as a continuous stream
    • can generate a final anesthesia record with initial time-stamped vital signs, physiologic data reported at configured time intervals, surgery-specific annotations of intraoperative events, electronic signature of the anesthesia provider of the final anesthesia record, and documentation of the passing of care to the post-acute care provider.

Surgical Report
Times to OR milestones for all cases. Statistics can be stratified by type of surgery or surgeon.

Utilization Report
OR block utilization and process times of cases in the OR.