Complete EHR

The CliniComp|EHR delivers your patient’s life story.

CliniComp|EHR is described as the “Next Generation” EHR designed for clinicians, by clinicians. Unlike most vendors that built their EHR around Nursing Documentation and then added CPOE, CliniComp’s EHR was designed from the beginning as a true multi-facility clinical and physician documentation system based on technology that allows seamless integration of full patient information between inpatient, outpatient, ER, and physician offices worldwide.

CliniComp|EHR is:

  • One Stop Inpatient & Ambulatory EHR Solutions
  • Next generation of outcomes driven lifetime clinical patient record
  • Designed for clinicians, by clinicians
  • Managing population health
  • Connecting all practices no matter what EHR

CONNECTING Every Patient. Everywhere. For Life.

Delivering Your Life Story