One Stop Inpatient & Outpatient EHR Solution

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CliniComp’s web based EHR can include solutions for:

  • Pharmacy Information System (RxIS)
  • Radiology/PACS Information System (RIS/PACS)
  • Laboratory Information System (LIS)

In each case the CliniComp|EHR provides a single global management for order sets, formularies, financial data, etc.  Services such as CPOE, RxIS, RIS/PACS, LIS, RCM, CDS, Analytics, and Real Time Reporting (RTR) are guaranteed access to common source data.  Likewise, each and every service in the entire system has access to all documented information for Analytics and Decision Support. We will recommend and be powered by web based third party solutions as we continue to develop ancillaries on our own platform.


Pharmacy Management System
The web based CliniComp|EHR includes a complete full featured Inpatient and Outpatient pharmacy system. Salient features of the Pharmacy Management System are:

Formulary Management

  • Central control for system wide formulary management (CPOE, Pharmacy, Reporting, etc.)
  • RxNorm nonproprietary universal standard is the core drug database reference.
  • Access to multiple drug database systems (Medispan, FDB, Micromedex, NDC# reference, etc.)

Inpatient Pharmacy

  • Verification of CPOE orders with filters and priority settings, fill list, and floor stock control
  • Automated Dispensing Cabinet system interfaces for real time dispensing control
  • IV Admixture, Compounding, Advanced Scheduling Capability and packaging system interfaces

Outpatient Pharmacy

  • Electronic thirdparty billing and automated packaging machine interfaces
  • SureScripts bi-directional certification
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response Systems) interfacing for patient prescription refill and inquiry
  • POS (Point of sale and A/R systems) interfacing including signature capture storage
  • Oncology and other IV management
  • Workflow  queues and management
  • Label design customized, reporting customization (clinical and management)

Inventory Control

  • Real time inventory control throughout a multiple facility tiered environment
  • Multiple inventory capability within one setting including 340B drug management
  • Reserved quantity protection until a transaction is completed
  • Electronic Purchase Order processing with multiple drug wholesalers

Pharmacy Clinical Decision Support (Rx-CDS)

  • Drug/drug interactions, allergy, dose range, and duplicate therapy checking
  • The entire chart’s data is available for Rx-CDS, including Lab values
  • Rx-CDS results are routed in real-time to relevant clinicians

Pharmacy Centric Inpatient Workflow
Providing a pharmacy centric inpatient workflow for CPOE, CDS, IV Infusion Pumps, automatic dispensing cabinets, IV Drug flowsheets, barcode medication administration, and eMAR, dramatically improves patient safety and workflow efficiency.





Radiology/PACS Information System (RIS/PACS)

CliniComp EHR brings Enterprise Medical Imaging capabilities using imaging technology with unique benefits for the highly connected, patient-centered healthcare delivery network:

  • Traditional RIS and PACS capabilities
  • Intelligent Visualization - Ability to view Imaging Studies using a full featured Viewer with advanced imaging capabilities such as 3D, SUM, MPR, MIP and Interactive segmentation
  • Utilization Management - Active alerts to ordering physicians when placing imaging orders to avoid possible redundant testing
  • Comparison - Access to patient’s past studies and reports from multiple locations and the ability to compare a new study with the old



Laboratory Information System (LIS)

CliniComp’s Laboratory Information System (LIS) solution consists of any combination of the CliniComp LIS, Legacy LIS, and 3rd party service (e.g. LabCorp).  For example, an IDN may choose modularly the CliniComp LIS for a new installation, the Legacy LIS for an existing site, and a 3rd party service for a rural hospital.  Each choice will be seamlessly integrated with the CliniComp|EHR.

The CliniComp|EHR Laboratory Information System (LIS) provides:

  • Clinical, microbiology, molecular, and pathology testing.
  • Sample Tracking & Image Management
  • Decision-support and Analytics