Acute & Post Acute Care Systems

With CliniComp|EHR inpatient solution, clinicians automate their more repetitive tasks and complete them more quickly and effectively with our fully integrated clinical documentation and intelligent data access with ancillaries. In addition to automation, CliniComp|EHR helps transform your processes, letting clinicians work in a more patient-centric, workflow oriented, and user aware way to enhance care with capabilities such as an integrated order entry, EMAR, task lists, timely clinical alerts, clinical calculations, plan of care, and reference capabilities. A highly configurable platform, CliniComp|EHR helps your organization use information more effectively to minimize errors, meet regulatory demands, follow a formulary, or implement clinical protocols with the use of intuitive flowsheets, notes, summary screens, trending/reporting, and remote access. Depending on your needs, we have a solution that will support you in providing the best patient care.

We can connect with these post acute care systems:

  • PT/OT Rehab Clinics
  • Long Term Care
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Home Health
Critical Care

Acute Care

CliniComp|EHR offers extensive configurable functionality in a variety of care settings. At the point of care, CliniComp|EHR handles notes, online vitals charting, automatically generated task lists and other time-consuming work. On the back end, CliniComp|EHR provides a seamless order entry system, data repository, and can exist with or replace current departmental systems.

Continuity of Data
CliniComp|EHR easily accommodates your departmental workflow patterns to improve the way care givers work in acute settings. Our system offers enterprise-wide functionality from patient registration to chart completion, from emergency to perinatal to critical care and beyond. With this great continuity of data, your patients will benefit from efficient coordinated care.

Critical Care

At CliniComp, we understand the demands of critical care, a very complex care setting. You need a system which is always available, that accommodates complex workflow with charting, ordering tools with continuity of data; that allows instant and remote access to all patient data all the time; while implementing efficiently with little disruption. That is the configurable CliniComp|EHR Critical Care.

The ICU represents a dynamic healthcare environment - characterized by complex charting, intricate calculations, and hundreds of types of devices including ventilators, pumps, and monitors. Clinical documentation is just the beginning. CliniComp has built interfaces to thousands of medical parameters. CliniComp|EHR Critical Care brings data types together, spanning Critical Care environments from Neonatal through adult populations, to form the backbone of the electronic health record.

Acute Care


As our users will tell you, CliniComp|EHR Perinatal, CliniComp’s world-class fully integrated Perinatal clinical information solutions gives physicians and nurses powerful and effective tools that our users can rely on. In fact, it has an unparalleled record of clinical information reliability. And the broad, deep clinical functionality of CliniComp|EHR serves all acute care settings throughout the enterprise.

Essentris FMRD with Smart Alerts

Reliable Performance and Enhanced Productivity
Labor and delivery, postpartum, NICU, and other perinatal departments place special demands on clinical documentation and medical records systems. Here, physicians and nurses rely on intelligent presentation of a comprehensive set of real-time data. They need configurable systems that adapt and interact with a variety of medical device types to provide continuity of key clinical data. They also need systems that are available when they need them. CliniComp, Intl.’s proven architecture has virtually eliminated system downtime since 1983, providing continuous worldwide operations.

Essentris Fetal

Fetal Surveillance & Maternal Monitoring on Mobile Devices
CliniComp's Perinatal Mobile app enables obstetricians and other labor and delivery clinicians the ability to securely and remotely evaluate a Maternal/Fetal chart and react in real-time to take immediate on-site action. These critical benefits, along with the powerful capability to both read and enter data, may significantly enhance provider reviews for patient safety and clinician quality of life, all from the palm of your hand.

Behavioral Health

CliniComp|EHR provides documentation tools including treatment planning and discharge summaries to support a variety of settings including inpatient care, outpatient care, and ambulatory environments. It includes a computerized order entry system that is a fully-integrated order and results management tool which automates order submission, classification, communication, and results delivery. The system maintains rules- and alert-driven decision support as it screens medication and therapeutic orders for adverse interactions, duplication.

The system is highly adept at integration with other vendor EHRs and HIEs for the exchange of patient data. By seamlessly integrating this data, the CliniComp|EHR is capable of health analytics and predictive modeling on a variety of data. The CliniComp|EHR can interface with other patient system such as laboratory, pharmacy, billing, enterprise data warehouses, prescription data monitoring systems, and state reporting systems for a complete view of patient data.