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Emergency Medicine

CliniComp|EHR ED provides comprehensive clinical documentation support for emergency departments of all sizes. Since 1983, CliniComp, Intl. has been providing clinical information systems with the high availability and reliability from critical care to enterprise-wide. The CliniComp|EHR ED solution extends the continuity of care to the front door of the hospital, the emergency department, with a highly configurable patient tracking and charting solution which can easily integrate to your existing HIS and ancillary systems.

Emergency Department


  • ED Patient Tracking Boards
  • ED Flowsheets (Vitals, Neuro, I&O, Lab. MAR)
  • ED Medical Record Note
  • Order Entry
  • Patient Disposition
  • ED Summary Views (Lab Review, Cardiac, Clinical)
  • Integrated Encounter Sharing (Critical Care)
  • ED Report Manager

Centralized Management of Emergency Department (ED) Patient Information
A dynamic ED dashboard, updated via direct entry, flowsheets and/or ancillary systems, maintains a real-time pulse on the location and status of all your patients. From the dashboard, users are never more than a mouse-click away from their most commonly used parts of the electronic health record with convenient direct access to navigate to the flowsheet, nursing assessment, ED medical records, progress note and disposition note. In addition, users can directly navigate to related content simply by right-clicking on cells within the dashboard.

Continuity of Care
Unlike most ED information systems (EDIS), CliniComp|EHR ED is not a standalone application requiring interfaces to third-party documentation systems for sharing patient encounter data between departments. Consider the need to share patient encounter data with the ICU which traditionally receives a significant share of its patients from the ED. As part of a CliniComp|EHR critical care or enterprise-wide deployment, ED patient data recorded in CliniComp|EHR ED is readily accessed and imported by ICU caregivers. Moreover, when boarding a critical care patient in the ED, caregivers can switch to the critical care module within CliniComp|EHR to chart as a critical care patient encounter. Similarly, the emergency staff can benefit from the CliniComp|EHR data repository which provides prescripted and/or requested reports generated against both online and archived patient encounters. The data repository is updated on-demand in real-time from the specific/configurable transactions in the CliniComp|EHR applications.

Flowsheet and Notes Design
CliniComp|EHR ED brings together its expertise in flowsheet and progress note functionality throughout the hospital to the emergency department with highly configurable and intuitive documentation. The content is organized to a physician’s charting flow. Images can be scanned into the chart. Integrated flowsheets include vital signs, neuro, I&O, labs and more. The continuity of the templated ED medical record builds from the triage note through the discharge note. This creates a comprehensive summary simplified by convenient, configurable choice lists.

Integrated Computerized Provider Order Entry
Effectively manage the entry, classification, screening, and review of medication and therapeutic orders to identify prior adverse reactions, potential interactions with other drugs or foods, and duplicate orders or therapies. Integrated with clinical documentation, CliniComp|EHR automatically transfers orders to flowsheets for charting as appropriate.

Completely automate and manage your medication delivery process with the CliniComp|EHR electronic medication administration record, populated directly from order entry and ancillary pharmacy systems. Includes bar coded medication management and drug cabinet controls.